Links I Liked

Guess what the top story is this week?…..

What Do Countries with the Best Coronavirus Responses have in Common? Hmmm, tricky one…… ht Jo Rowlands

Really wise approach to policy-making in near-total uncertainty: No-Regret Policies for the Crisis in Developing Countries by Stefan Dercon

WFH is especially tough if you happen to be Banksy’s wife. Wonderful.

Examples of Covid’s horrible knock-on effects are growing: Food rations to 1.4 million refugees cut in Uganda due to funding shortfall; Coronavirus derails measles vaccination across the globe

Alex Evans: ‘We’ve been at the ‘honeymoon’ stage, where lots of us feel a sense of agency and community cohesion – but things will get tougher as we move into the ‘disillusionment’ stage. Let’s be ready.’

Campaigning tactics in a time of social distancing. Updating Gene Sharp’s 198 non-violent direct action tactics for times of lockdown.

Covid response, Indonesian style: local authorities are organizing ghosts to scare people into staying indoors…. ht Katherine Marshall

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2 Responses to “Links I Liked”
    • Duncan Green

      Hi Victoria, from what I’ve read the chances are pretty good, but there is then the need to set up production at the required scale, which is why Melinda Gates is talking about 18 months