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Sorry to start with a downer, but things in my country are looking really bad right now.

The UK has suffered the second-highest rate of deaths from the
coronavirus pandemic after Spain, according to excess mortality figures, say the FT number crunchers. 60,000 in total.

Not a great leveller: UK Covid deaths v housing overcrowding, by Nathaniel Barker using official stats

Owen Barder thinks we should stay in lockdown until trace and trace is up and running. His reasons are pretty persuasive .

And overall a pretty tight correlation between how late a country locks down, and how many people then die, also from the FT.

From Kenya to Bangladesh mask-making has become a thriving cottage industry

On COVID-19 (as on everything else), Africa is not a monolith: ‘It is time that North American & European academia recognizes this & ascribes to Africa and her countries the same level of granularity, nuance, and specificity that it gives itself and its countries.’ ht David Mwambari.

On a lighter note. The National Endowment for Democracy funded anti-Chavez rock bands in Venezuela and ‘USAID secretly tried to infiltrate Cuba’s hip-hop scene‘.

Staying on US, errm, exceptionalism, which USAID tagline do you prefer? I honestly didn’t believe the second one, and checked – it’s correct. Ht Eric Hansen.

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2 Responses to “Links I Liked”
  1. CathyS

    Things are looking very bad in the UK right now. I’m furious. Papers and twitter feeds are full of examples of arrogant, incompetent and dishonest governance. Great summary
    Also found this interesting with reference to the UK story, particularly given the background of one of those involved

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