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OK, as you read this, I am wandering around Papua New Guinea, so there may be some interruptions to the blog over the next week or two. Sorry 

double donut burger

about that. In the meantime, here’s some time suck material from last week’s @fp2p tweets.

If you’re queasy early in the morning, look away now. This Double Donut Burger contains 98% of your recommended daily calories. I’ll leave further analysis to doughnut economics guru Kate Raworth.


Spoilsport. Alex Evans pours buckets of cold water on the China-US climate deal (and that’s even before the Republicans wade in)

Julia Buxton on the Great Disconnect Between (illegal) Drugs and Development

The reason we are so inefficient, in one bar chart

OK, let’s talk Band Aid. Lots of huffing and puffing in the twittersphere over Bob Geldof’s announcement that he’s reconvening the popsters to raise money for the Ebola response with a new version of Do They Know It’s Christmas‘. But is it really such a bad idea? Tom Murphy thinks so, as does the Guardian’s Bim Adewunmi. And they certainly need to be more careful to avoid equating ‘Africa’ with ‘Ebola’ than the T Shirt on the left – maybe they should use the map on the right instead. But I thought I’d ask you,Africa no Ebola B2Ikd6fIgAAgGFOthe readers – Band Aid 30 – good idea or bad? Vote over there to the right.

In any case, (even if on musical grounds alone) Bob might want to just hand over to this fantastic band of West African musicians, with a brilliant song about Ebola aimed at their compatriots.


[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]


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3 Responses to “Links I liked”
  1. Pete

    I really don’t understand the anti Band Aid 30 sentiment. They’re raising a lot more money than our coffee morning managed and by raising the profile of the crisis among people who probably don’t read this blog or even the Guardian, they are adding legitimacy to the good response of the UK government, which is important with the rise of UKIP.

    They are not stopping West African musicians from doing their own thing – and inevitably YouTube will soon be full of better and worse variations all riding on the prominence of this song.

    It may not be ideal – but it will do a lot more for the people who are exposed to Ebola than anything I have managed – and surely that is what counts?

  2. Søren

    1. Until there’s a global progressive aid tax, let’s not pretend that One Direction vs a 30 credit course is a real choice.
    2. It’s a pop song, not an essay. Most people get this – like they get that AC/DC’s Highway to Hell isn’t a satanic manifesto.

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