Links I Liked

Greta Thunberg, supertroll

We said goodbye to Oxfam legend Richard English last week. Self-effacing, kind and invariably positive, he trained, mentored and supported generations of Oxfam campaigners all over the world. He also summarized it all in a great guide to designing effective campaigns, which deserves a wide readership.

The World Wide Web was born 28 years ago (April 1993). It begin as a CERN project called ENQUIRE, initiated by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee. When he first proposed the World Wide Web in 1989, his boss responded: “vague but exciting”

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” a viral slogan behind the massive ‘community pantry’ movement in the Philippines that took off this month. Great case study of emergent agency

‘Brilliant use of balloons to express dissent in a repressed society. It’s illegal in Turkey to ask about the $128 B missing from the Central Bank. An opposition office puts the question on a banner. As soon as police appear, balloons carry it away!’ Ht Timur Kuran & Srdja Popovic

The inaugural Wollstonecraft Society Lecture with Amartya Sen, Bee Rowlatt and Alpa Shah ‘Despite a savage pandemic, economic downturn, there is a counter-story of community building, education, optimism and hope’. 6pm UK time, 28the April. Registration.

Gotta love Count Binface’s manifesto for the London elections.

One year since Donald Trump went full on bonkers about disinfectant and ‘light in the body’. Remind yourselves of the bad dream we seem to have escaped from (at least for now).

‘Me committing to another paper after just finishing a long overdue paper’ ht Shit Academics Say

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2 Responses to “Links I Liked”
  1. ken smith

    Have I just missed the subtlety of this? “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs” that’s a direct quote from Karl Marx – old hippies like me will be pleased if Marxism is suddenly going viral.