Links I Liked

The case for the Oxford Comma seems pretty overwhelming (and always makes me laugh). Ht David Bell

Branko Milanovic is writing some lovely stuff at the moment:

Every day brings a new headline on the UK’s depressing decay from Global Britain to Little Britain:

Top tips on development jobs from a series of LSE student-organized webinars for recent grads,

Vaccines vaccines vaccines. Got a blog coming on that, but in the meantime:

  • How David beat Goliath: Advocacy groups seized a moment, and found allies. Shame it’s gated, but check out this killer fact: ‘In 2020, PhRMA, the drug industry lobbying organization, spent over $25 million lobbying Washington. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the business lobby and aggressive opponent of relaxing intellectual property restrictions, spent $70 million. Public Citizen, by comparison, reported spending $420,000 on lobbying last year. Oxfam spent $353,000, and MSF spent $0.’ Makes the original David v Goliath seem quite fair, actually…..
  • Pfizer forecasts $26bn from annual sales of Covid-19 vaccine

Paying Teachers for Performance: Does It Really Work? Good summary of the evidence on a fraught issue

Fancy a job as Director of Operations? Not when you see the fine print. Yet billions still sign up anyway – why? ht Mwanahamisi Singano

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2 Responses to “Links I Liked”
    • L Lind

      The photo above with the examples is from Steven Pinker’s excellent writing guide: The Sense of Style (Penguin Books, 2014). Although Mr Pinker credits his examples to the Wikipedia page linked in the previous comment.

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