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The world’s wealthiest people, whose fortunes already strained comprehension, collectively gained $1 trillion last year, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index. It’s the smiles that get you….

‘For lots of people, the nuts & bolts of practical political action can often be daunting. Which is why @galdemzine is launching our brand new ‘How To’ series – a collection of straightforward guides on how to do everything from start a campaign to setting up a food co-op. We’re kicking off January’s How To with the guide to starting a lobbying campaign, which hopefully answers some of the burning questions you might have if you’ve ever wanted to run one, answered by campaigners on the ground’.

Kazakhstan unrest: Internet cut amid fuel protests. For anyone who thinks removing fossil fuel subsidies is a straightforward ‘win-win’, please reflect on the message leaders will be taking from the way cuts in subsidies triggered a political crisis and bloody crackdown.

Crisis responses, opportunity, and public authority during Covid‐19’s first wave in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan (Self-citation claxon: I was one of a pile of authors – what’s the collective noun? Current front-runner ‘a confusion of authors’ (Naomi Hossain) although I’m proposing ‘a wrong of writers’)

Fair amount of crystal-balling for 2022:

Why Are Economists Always Wrong? Love the title, love the 10m video from recovering City trader and self-styled ‘people’s economist’ Gary Stevenson.

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