Live coverage and analysis of (maybe) final day in Copenhagen

Obama flies in to foul weather - hopefully not a sign[/caption]A few newspapers are running the kind of minute by minute commentaries normally reserved for soccer matches. Gripping stuff, but will it make history? The Guardian The Times ]]>

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2 Responses to “Live coverage and analysis of (maybe) final day in Copenhagen”
  1. John Magrath

    Obama….poor speech…summed up by “America has made our choice. We have charted our course, we have made our commitments, and we will do what we say…..” to which he might as well have added, “so the rest of you, get your act together”. Not what the world needed.

  2. SV Nagappa

    What is so appalling is no one in the developed world wants to take responsibility for what is created by them. Today china is increasing its emissions only by feeding American need for ipods, nike shoes, etc which the poor in the world would not even dream of leave alone consider as an essential item. What have they offered contries like India which emit very low CO2 per capita? no one wants aid as aid has not worked in the true sense. Have they offered the poor some of the offset job opportunities? why did not they say that the subsistence farmers in India would benefit from agriculture offsets if they continued to incorporate carbon in the soil through agricultural practices which they can instead of dumping fertilizers they cant afford and pesticides they cant use safely? I wish oxfam would give an opportunity to do this in India which could reduce poverty without aid ( i am an ag scientist).