Mobiles; Avatar-for-good; Goldman Sachs v Robin Hood; rickshaws (+judges) v cars and conflict/security: links I liked

Sierra Leone’s mobile phone boom An inspired bit of entrepreneurial campaigning. The Dongria Kondh tribe from eastern India publicly appeal to film director James Cameron to help them stop controversial mining company Vedanta from opening a bauxite mine on their sacred land, comparing their plight to that of the fictional Na’vi tribe in Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar  Goldman Sachs, rigging votes on the Robin Hood Tax? A big thankyou from campaigners everywhere – what would we do without dummies scoring own goals? And the Robin Hood Tax website is getting interesting, with lots of to and fro between supporters and sceptics on the proposal for a financial transactions tax. Good to see a bit of genuine interactivity on a big campaign. India’s justice system continues to surprise, this time ruling in favour of rickshaw wallahs rather than the car-owning middle classes Alex Evans takes a tour of the World Bank’s blog output on conflict, sketching out the likely content of this year’s WDR on conflict and development While his colleague Richard Gowan (it’s a Global Dashboard week, folks) takes on Alex and other more starry-eyed global-systems colleagues. Reporting back on a big conference on ‘Emerging Powers, Global Security and the Middle East‘, he finds the debate is all in terms of national self interest, not global governance and concludes that he is ‘increasingly convinced that we can only construct our responses to [transnational threats like climate change] on a traditional, balance of power foundation – which means prioritizing hard security talks, and basing deals on transnational threats on agreements on the global division of influence.’]]>

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One Response to “Mobiles; Avatar-for-good; Goldman Sachs v Robin Hood; rickshaws (+judges) v cars and conflict/security: links I liked”
  1. Jose

    Thanks for this Duncan. All I’ve read about impact of supermarkets is much more negative than this. They are more worry with low prices than with quality, they often bring food from where is cheaper (is that is not local, no problem) they pay very low asalaries, they destroy the small shop who can not compete, often they are placed outside cities so you need the car (polution), they use more paketing (more polution) tah traditional markets or small shops, and the relation customer – saler is impersonal and cold. There are few campaigns in North and South askin to boicot supermarkets, buy your food in markets and small shops. In the UK the Co-operative is an exception but in most developing countries there is nothing like that. Cheers!