Africa's oil spill; great book titles; microfinance gabfest; global crisis 2.0; is health improving?; magnificent migrants; efficient blog-browsing and a real market failure: links I liked

Gulf Oil Spill happened in Africa? Oh, wait, it already has…. great book titleChris Blattman celebrates a truly great book title If you enjoyed Portfolios of the Poor, you might want to join this virtual conference. Here’s the blurb: “The Financial Access Initiative and MicroSave invites you to a free virtual conference on Reimagining Microfinance Around the World to address this question. On June 8-9, [PotP] co-authors Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford, and Orlanda Ruthven, and MicroSave’s Graham A.N. Wright will be fielding questions and comments from conference registrants. Registration is free! To join the virtual conference, please visit” Martin Wolf is having a good global crisis 2.0 100528_100528_7-Humantorch1 The Economist covers the row over a recent Lancet article arguing that global health stats are actually better than we thought Magnificent Migrants: Mexican-American photographer Dulce Pinzón gets Mexican migrants in New York to dress up as superheroes in their places of work. Strangely moving. Owen Barder explains how to skim blogs and other net stuff efficiently – if you don’t have Google Reader or similar already installed, read this. And did you know RSS stands for ‘real simple sindication’? A job for all of you (once you are personally sorted) – convince your IT-challenged colleagues to set up a Google Reader/RSS feed and radically improve their ability to surf/gossip/bullxxxx their peers. Beautifully shot short film about the fate of 10,000 residents displaced after a thriving market in Ajelogo, a neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, was destroyed by local authorities [h/t Africa is Another Country] Ajelogo: After the Bulldozers from Stretch Ledford on Vimeo.]]>

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