RIP Jo Cox

Jo Cox
I worked with Jo (Jo Leadbeater as she then was) for several years at Oxfam, where she ended up being head of the advocacy team in Oxfam GB. My main memory is of her relentless optimism and tigerish energy – she bounced around the office. She was an activist’s activist (we didn’t always see eye to eye – she once memorably dismissed my role as ‘beardstroking’). It seems absurd as well as tragic that that energy has now been stilled.

In the words of Brendan, her husband (and another Exfamer):

‘Jo believed in a better world and she fought for it everyday of her life with an energy, and a zest for life that would exhaust most people.

She would have wanted two things above all else to happen now, one that our precious children are bathed in love and two, that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her.’

What a waste. A horrible day.

Today’s Guardian editorial here.

Here’s Jo in parliament, where the convention is to talk about your constituency in your maiden speech.

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11 Responses to “RIP Jo Cox”
  1. Tony Quinlan

    A huge loss for us all – such a thoughtful compassionate voice in the place of power. I can’t imagine how much harder it must be for those who knew and worked with her.

  2. John Gaventa

    I also knew Jo in my role as a Board member at Oxfam. She was a wonderful and inspirational person. To me she should be remembered as a development activist who took her energy into Parliament, and thus as a shining example of the strap line of this blog: ‘how active citizens and effective states can change the world.’ Sadly she joins the list of several other outstanding development friends and activists around the world who have lost their lives to acts of hate in recent years. This is not only a loss to the UK, but to the world.

  3. Augusta

    I was so appalled to read about this in the Guardian on line yesterday, and today I am simply so sorry for your loss. The killing of this young woman and young mother is just beyond tragic.

  4. Charles Abani

    Thank you Duncan for this tribute. In this midst of this crazy tragedy, all we can do is share our experiences, immortalise her memory and soldier on with her work. Your words have played their own part in helping us all manage our deep sense of loss.

  5. Bert Maerten

    RIP Jo Cox. You embodied the passion and hunger for social justice. Your were brilliant. You were humankind! The world lost a champion for social justice. The world turned cold when it lost you, but it is a better place because of what you did throughout your life.

  6. Muthoni Muriu

    So very saddened by this senseless loss. I knew Jo from our Make Trade Fair campaigning days. I can only echo all who have spoken of her energy and passion for justice. A light has gone out in this fight for social justice but to honour Jo’s memory, we must never forget and must fight hate with all our might. Go well my friend.

  7. Barry Coates

    It is hard to understand how such a senseless act of violence could cut short Jo’s passionate life. She deserved to live long, with her family and her commitment to social justice. Such a tragic loss.