The Global Humanitarian Assistance 2018 report is out today – here are six top findings

The Global Humanitarian Assistance 2018 report is out today. Here are some of the headline findings and supporting numbers:

1. Humanitarian Assistance (HA) mainly goes to a small number of countries: ‘60% of all assistance was channelled to 10 countries only, with 14% going to Syria, the largest recipient, and 8% to Yemen, the second-largest.’

2. HA is growing in absolute terms and as a percentage of overall aid budgets: ‘2017 saw a record US$27.3 billion allocated to humanitarian responses. Although both show an upward trend from 2007, the level of humanitarian assistance within overall ODA is growing faster (at 124% since 2007) than overall ODA (at 41% since 2007).’

3. HA still mainly flows via the big aid organizations: ‘In 2016, US$12.3 billion or 60% of all direct government funding went to multilateral agencies (primarily UN agencies) in the first instance. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) received US$4.0 billion directly – 20% of the total. A growing majority of this went to international NGOs who received 94% of all funding to NGOs in 2017, up from 85% in 2016.’

4. Local NGOs are still living off scraps – localization ain’t happening: ‘Local and national NGOs received just 0.4% directly of all international humanitarian assistance reported to FTS in 2017, a rise of just 0.1% from 2016’.

5. Emergencies aren’t emergencies any more – they are long term crises: ‘17 of the 20 largest recipients of international humanitarian assistance in 2017 were either long-term or medium-term recipients.’

6. Cash Transfers are on a roll: ‘An estimated US$2.8 billion of international humanitarian assistance was allocated to this in 2016, a 40% increase from 2015.’

And here’s a handy (if crowded) summary infographic



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3 Responses to “The Global Humanitarian Assistance 2018 report is out today – here are six top findings”
  1. Pete

    What’s the story behind Turkey contributing an amount similar to all the countries in the EU combined in the first figure? Are they really that generous, or is this somehow paid for by the EU to keep migrants out of Europe?