Oxfam’s media calendar contains stories and reports for the next three months. Do get in touch with the relevant contact if you’d like any more information or contact the duty press officer on +44 7748 761999 (calls and voicemail, no texts).

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Sustainable Fashion: Following on from the success of Oxfam’s Second-hand September, Oxfam continues to campaign on sustainable fashion. For more information, contact: Harriet Hernando / +44 7557 077008 / 

Yemen: Millions are facing famine, water shortages and the threat of disease as the conflict between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis continues into its fifth year. Prices of food, medicines and other basics have soared as the currency has plummeted in value. Oxfam is working in Yemen providing aid including clean water and cash to buy food and other essentials. For interviews and information, contact Sarah Grainger: +44 7810 181514 / 

Democratic Republic of Congo: While there are positive signs that the number of Ebola cases in DRC are slowly reducing, the outbreak remains a public health emergency of international concern. Over 3300 people have contracted the virus and 2200 people have died. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of people continue to be displaced by violence and many are living in dire conditions in overcrowded camps. Oxfam is working with communities to help prevent the spread of the Ebola virus as well as responding to help those displaced by violence and other on-going crises in the country. Contact: Sarah Dransfield / + 44 7884 114825 /


2-13 December: World leaders meeting at the COP25 climate summit in Madrid to discuss progress towards the Paris Climate Agreement. This will be the last major climate summit before Glasgow hosts next year. Oxfam spokespeople available in Madrid and the UK for comment on the summit and how climate change is affecting people around the world. Contact: Kai Tabacek / +44 7584 265077 /   

6 December (TBC): Oxfam briefing note ‘No-rights zone. How the EU ‘hotspots’ camps fail to provide people seeking asylum with crucial access to information and legal assistance’.  Following the recent announcement that Greek island ‘hotspots’ camps will be shut down and replaced with ‘closed centres’, a new Oxfam report will expose how the Greek and EU authorities are not providing people who arrive on the Greek islands to seek asylum with the crucial information and legal assistance they need to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity. This means people are left to navigate complex asylum procedures on their own and risk being denied protection even if they are entitled to it. Contact: Sarah Dransfield / + 44 7884 114825 /

10 December: Ahead of the sixth anniversary of the conflict in South Sudan, Oxfam is launching a report highlighting the importance of education. Spokespeople, case studies, videos and photos available. For more information, contact Serena Tramonti: +44 7825 780651 /

Mid-December (TBC): Christmas consumer news story giving insight into the nation’s seasonal shopping choices. For more information, contact: Harriet Hernando / +44 7557 077008 /

13 December: One year since Yemen’s internationally-recognised government and Houthi leaders negotiated a number of agreements, including a ceasefire in the key city and port of Hudaydah, in Stockholm. Likely joint agency release earlier that week.  For interviews and information, contact: Sarah Grainger / +44 7810 181514 / 

17-18 December: Global Refugee Forum, Geneva. One year on from the Global Compact on Refugees, countries come together for the first time to make commitments to share responsibility for the global refugee response. Oxfam GB chief executive Danny Sriskandarajah and refugees will be available for interview. For more information, contact: Sarah Dransfield / + 44 7884 114825 / 

24 December: Five years since the Arms Trade Treaty came in to force. Oxfam will be looking at the amount of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other coalition members, despite evidence of their use on civilians in Yemen, since the ATT entered into force. For more information, contact Sarah Grainger: +44 7810 181514 /   


Early January: Oxfam will publish new figures comparing the carbon footprints of people around the world, with suggestions for green New Year’s resolutions. For information contact: Kai Tabacek / +44 7584 265077 /

20 January: Oxfam will publish its annual report ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Time to Care will focus on the role of care exacerbating global inequality. For information contact: Lisa Rutherford / +44 7917 791836 /  

20 January: UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020 in London. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment, contact: Lisa Rutherford / +44 7917 791836 /  

Late January (TBC): Oxfam briefing note ‘Born to Lead – South Sudanese Women’s Powerful Role in Building Peace’. Case studies, photos and spokespeople will be available. For more information, contact Serena Tramonti: +44 7825 780651 /


Mid-February (TBC): Oxfam stages Fashion Fighting Poverty during London Fashion Week. The event will showcase Oxfam’s planet-saving, poverty-fighting sustainable fashion, styled by Bay Garnett and modelled by stars. For more information contact: Emma Fabian / +44 7825 503274 /

February (TBC): Oxfam’s Behind the Barcodes supermarket campaign. Behind the Barcodes assesses human and labour rights within the global supply chains of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons and Asda. Contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 7810 814 980 /