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Yemen: Yemen’s coronavirus outbreak comes after more than five years of conflict between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis had already created the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. Only half of health facilities are fully working and millions of people have fled their homes and live in camps with little food and poor hygiene. Oxfam is working across the country to train community health volunteers to spread the word about coronavirus and the importance of hygiene and hand washing. We’re also rehabilitating the water supply to one of the main hospitals in Aden and giving cash for people to buy food and other essentials. For interviews and information, contact Sarah Grainger: +44 7810 181514 / 


Coronavirus: Since the pandemic started, Oxfam has helped 4.5 million of the world’s most vulnerable people, working together with over 344 partners across 62 countries. This includes providing food and clean water, information about COVID-19 and its prevention, and developing innovative new tools to stop the spread such as contactless hand-washing stations. For more information contact or 07748 761999 




TBC Sept: Oxfam publishes ‘Confronting Carbon Inequality’ report, assessing the carbon emissions of different wealth groups of the global population between 1990 and 2015, and offering forecasts for the future. For more details, contact Kai Tabacek on / +44 (0)7584 265 077 


7 Sept: Oxfam pop up shop opens in Selfridges designer galleries as part of Second Hand September. Curated by Queen of Thrift, and Oxfam’s Senior Fashion Advisor Bay Garnett, the shop will sell one off pieces selected from the Oxfam warehouse in Batley, Yorkshire. For interviews and information contact Harriet Hernando 07557 077008 


10 Sept: eBay’s Second Hand September auction of vintage pieces sourced jointly from eBay and Oxfam, curated by stylist Lucy Tempest-Walker, with all proceeds going to support Oxfam’s work to end poverty. For interviews and information contact Harriet Hernando 07557 077008 


10 Sept: Report on corporations profiting during the pandemic while failing to protect workers and suppliers – one of a series of products on building back better post pandemic. Contact or 07748 761999 


16 Sept: Charity sale of celebrity donated clothing with Vestiaire Collective to celebrate Second Hand September. All proceeds going to support Oxfam’s work to end poverty. For interviews and information contact Harriet Hernando 07557 077008 


15 – 30 Sept: UN General Assembly, New York (virtual) with high level meetings the week of 21 Sept. Amongst the meetings will be one to mark the 75th anniversary of the UN. Contact or 07748 761999 


21 – 27 Sept: Climate Week NYC will take place in parallel with the UN General Assembly. Spokespeople available. Contact Kai Tabacek on / +44 (0)7584 265 077 


23 Sept: Six months since UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for a global ceasefire to fight the coronavirus. A resolution was finally passed by the Security Council on 1 July but conflicts continue around the world, including in Yemen, DRC and Burkina Faso. For comment or interviews, contact Sarah Grainger on / +44 (0)7810 181514 


30 Sept: People’s Vaccine Alliance at UNGA. Oxfam is part of an alliance highlighting the need to ensure that when a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is developed, it is produced rapidly at scale and made available for all people, in all countries, free of charge. For more details, contact Kai Tabacek on  / 07584 265 077 



 TBC Oct 2020 – Oxfam publishes Shadow Climate Finance report, monitoring the progress wealthy nations have made towards their goal of spending $100 billion per year on climate finance by this year. Spokespeople available. Contact Kai Tabacek on / +44 (0)7584 265 077 


8 Oct: Oxfam’s third Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index, which this year will include an assessment of how countries have responded to COVID-19. Contact: Lisa Rutherford / +44 (0)7917 791836 / 


14 Oct:  G20 Finance Minister’s meeting (virtual) Oxfam spokespeople available for comment. Contact: Lisa Rutherford / +44 (0)7917 791836 / 


16 Oct: World Food Day. Oxfam spokespeople available to comment on the increase in levels of hunger around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and other factors. Contact Kai Tabacek on / +44 (0)7584 265 077 


16 –18 Oct: Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (Virtual) Oxfam spokespeople available for comment Contact: Lisa Rutherford / +44 (0)7917 791836 /