Oxfam’s media calendar contains stories and reports for the next three months. Do get in touch with the relevant contact if you’d like any more information or contact the duty press officer on +44 7748 761999 (calls and voicemail, no texts).

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Yemen: Millions are facing famine, water shortages and the threat of disease as the conflict between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis continues into its fifth year. Prices of food, medicines and other basics have soared as the currency has plummeted in value. Oxfam is working in Yemen providing aid including clean water and cash to buy food and other essentials. For interviews and information contact Sarah Grainger: +44 7810 181514 / 

Democratic Republic of Congo: The Ebola virus has now reached nearly 3,200 cases and over 2,100 people have died. Meanwhile more than 300,000 people continue to be displaced by an up surge in violence in the Ituri region of the country. Many are in dire conditions in overcrowded camps. Oxfam is working with communities to help prevent the spread of the Ebola virus as well as responding to help those displaced by violence and other on-going crises in the country. Contact: Sarah Dransfield / + 44 7884 114825 / 

Sustainable Fashion: Following on from the success of Oxfam’s Second-hand September, Oxfam continues to campaign on sustainable fashion. For more information contact: Harriet Hernando / +44 7557 077008 / 


October: Oxjam music festival – fundraising for Oxfam. Now in its 12th year, Oxjam celebrates the UK’s grassroots music scene with nationwide gigs organised by Oxfam’s music-loving volunteers. Contact Oxfam’s media unit on: +44 7748 761999 / 

10 October: Report on Workers’ Rights in Supermarket Supply Chains with case studies from Brazil and India as part of Oxfam’s Behind the Barcodes supermarket campaign. Contact: Lisa Rutherford / +44 7917 791836 / 

16 October (TBC): Oxfam Volunteering campaign. A broadcast radio campaign with people talking about their volunteering experience, the circumstances that prompted them to volunteer for Oxfam and the friendships they have made. Contact: Emma Fabian / +44 7825 503274 / 

18-20 October: World Bank and IMF annual meetings. Oxfam spokespeople available to comment on issues affecting people in poverty, including inequality and the climate crisis. Contact: Melanie Kramers / +44 7825 088894 / 

24-25 October: Pledging conference for the Green Climate Fund when wealthy countries will pledge funding to help poorer countries deal with the impacts of climate change. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment. Contact: Kai Tabacek / +44 7584 265077 / 


Early Nov (TBC): Credit Suisse releases new figures on global wealth. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment on wealth inequality and poverty. Contact: Melanie Kramers / +44 7825 088894 / 

Early November (TBC): Report on shareholders from Oxfam, the High Pay Centre & TUC with new analysis of FTSE 100 payments of profits to shareholders, at the expense of workers, the environment and wider society. Contact: Sarah Dransfield / + 44 7884 114825 / 

Mid-late November: Celebrity collections on the Oxfam Online Shop. TV stars and social media influencers hand-pick clothes from the Oxfam Online Shop to create individual collections showcasing their tastes and styles. Contact: Emma Fabian / +44 7825 503274 / 

Late November: Celebrity fashion shoot – a star will model Oxfam partywear showing sustainable, stylish, planet-saving, poverty-fighting outfits to wear throughout the festive season. Contact: Emma Fabian / +44 7825 503274 / 

Late November (TBC): Report on migration due to climate change with a focus on movements of people from Central America to the US. Contact: Kai Tabacek / +44 7584 265077 / 


Early December: Christmas consumer news story giving insight into the nation’s seasonal shopping choices. Contact: Emma Fabian / +44 7825 503274 / 

2-13 December: World leaders meeting at the COP25 climate summit in Santiago, Chile to discuss progress towards the Paris Climate Agreement. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment on how climate change is affecting the world’s poorest people. Contact: Kai Tabacek / +44 7584 265077 / 

13 December: One year since Yemen’s internationally-recognised government and Houthi leaders negotiated a number of agreements, including a ceasefire in the key city and port of Hudaydah, in Stockholm. For interviews and information contact Sarah Grainger: +44 7810 181514 /