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Yemen. Millions are facing starvation, water shortages and the threat of disease as the conflict between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis continues. Prices of food, medicines and other basics have soared as the currency has plummeted in value. Oxfam is working in Yemen providing aid including clean water and cash to buy food and other essentials. For interviews and information contact Sarah Grainger: +44 7810 181 514 /

Democratic Republic of Congo. As the country prepares for elections on 23 December, Oxfam is responding to several humanitarian crises. The Ebola outbreak in Eastern DRC is now the worst the country has ever experienced and violent conflict is making it difficult to keep the virus under control. Southern Kasaï, a region hit by malnutrition and cholera, is struggling to cope with the arrival of nearly 350,000 people who fled Angola in a violent clampdown on migrants. For interviews and information contact Sarah Dransfield: +44 7884 114825 /

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Close to a million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh living in flimsy shelters still rely on humanitarian aid to survive. Conditions in the refugee camps need improving – a third of women say they do not feel safe. Oxfam is providing clean water and other aid, and calling for international pressure to end the discriminatory policies in Myanmar that caused this crisis. For information and case studies contact Melanie Kramers: +44 7825 088894 /

The cost of fast fashion. The Environmental Audit Committee is investigating the social and environmental impact of disposable ‘fast fashion’ and the wider clothing industry. Oxfam campaigns for fair wages for workers and sells donated clothes in our high-street stores and online shop, which offer a more ethical and sustainable option. Nothing goes to landfill thanks to a unique recycling plant in Yorkshire and social enterprise in Senegal. For comment, images and case studies contact Emma Fabian: +44 7825 503274 /


All month: Christmas shopping at Oxfam (in store and online). Each item in our Sourced by Oxfam range has been carefully selected by our team who search for pioneering suppliers who put people before profit and produce quality products with the emphasis on small-scale production and sustainable materials. Beautiful gifts and delicious treats that help end poverty worldwide. For images and info contact Harriet Hernando: +44 7557 077008 /

3-14 Dec: UN climate conference in Poland – COP24. Oxfam spokespeople will be available for comment on climate policies and the impacts of climate change on the world’s poorest people. Please contact Lisa Rutherford: +44 7917 791836 /

5 Dec: Oxfam launches new research showing how much Brits spend on party wear. Buying from Oxfam shops is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Celebrities including Kate Moss and Ellie Goulding have donated party outfits to Oxfam to raise money to help fight poverty. For images and information contact Emma Fabian: +44 7825 503274 /

9 Dec: One year since Iraq declared victory over ISIS, announcing the end of more than three years of battles to regain control. More than 2.2 million people have had to flee their homes. Oxfam is providing water, sanitation and cash to those in need. For information and interviews contact Harriet Hernando: +44 7557 077 008 /

Dec TBC: Evidence given to the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into the Sustainability of the Fashion Industry. The Secretary of State for the Environment is expected to give evidence saying how the Government will address concerns about the social and environmental impact of disposable ‘fast fashion’. Oxfam promotes sustainable fashion and campaigns for living wages for workers – spokespeople available for comment. Please contact Emma Fabian: +44 7825 503274 /

10 Dec: UN Human Rights Day. Oxfam campaigns for the rights of people hit by conflict, disaster and poverty, and is supporting people forced to leave their homes in countries around the world. Case studies available. Please contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265077 /

13-14 Dec: European Council leaders’ summit, in Belgium. Refugees, migrants and inequality likely to be on the agenda. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment. Please contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265077 /

15 Dec: South Sudan – fifth anniversary of conflict. Oxfam is providing humanitarian aid to people affected by the fighting. For interviews and information contact Sarah Dransfield: +44 7884 114825 /

18 Dec: EU and the African Union summit, Vienna. Leaders are expected to discuss the EU’s migration plans. For information please contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265077 /

date TBC: Oxfam celebrates Rwandan Christmas card business helping workers beat poverty. Cards from Africa supplies Oxfam with beautiful Christmas cards hand-made from recycled paper by orphaned young people who are working to support their siblings. For images and case studies contact Emma Fabian: +44 7825 503274 /

28 Dec: Indonesia earthquake – three months on. Hundreds of people have been made homeless after a powerful earthquake and tsunami hit the island of Sulawesi, causing massive damage. Oxfam emergency teams and partners are providing essential aid supplies. For information, contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265 077 /


All month: Join the team in an Oxfam shop. Oxfam will be encouraging the public to volunteer in their local Oxfam shop for as little as a few hours a week. Case studies available as well as films of celebrities volunteering in Oxfam shops. Please contact Emma Fabian: +44 1865 472193 / +44 7825 503274 /

Early Jan: Oxfam briefing on conditions for vulnerable refugees living in overcrowded, freezing conditions on Greek islands. For an advance copy or to arrange an interview, please contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265077 /

15 Jan TBC: UN due to publish its annual Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen, setting out the level of need across the country and the funding required to meet it. Oxfam is working in Yemen providing aid and calling for an end to the conflict. For comments and interviews please contact Sarah Grainger: +44 7810 181514 /

21 Jan: Oxfam publishes annual report on global inequality, ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The report will include updated statistics about inequality and how the world’s poorest are affected by tax avoidance and under-resourced public services. Please contact Melanie Kramers: +44 7825 088894 /

Jan TBC: Oxfam and Cities of Sanctuary launch new scheme to help refugees volunteer in Oxfam shops across the country. Case studies available. Contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265 077 /

Jan TBC: The Environmental Audit Committee publishes its findings and recommendations to improve the sustainability of the fashion industry. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment. Please contact Emma Fabian: +44 7825 503274 /


4 Feb: World Cancer Day. High prices for medicines and under-investment in public healthcare can put cancer treatment out of reach for patients in poorer countries. Oxfam case studies available. For information contact Melanie Kramers: +44 7825 088894 /

16-20 Feb: London Fashion Week. Oxfam spokespeople available to comment on sustainable fashion. Oxfam’s online shop and high-street shops around the country offer vintage and ethical fashion, with money raised going to fight poverty. Please contact Emma Fabian: +44 7825 503274 /

Feb TBC: Oxfam publishes new research on tax havens, including the overseas territories and crown dependencies. Tax avoidance strips countries of vital funds needed to fight poverty. In March, the EU is expected to update its blacklist of tax havens, showing whether countries have made progress on reforms. For more information please contact Melanie Kramers: +44 7825 088894 /

Feb TBC: Review of DfID spending. The Independent Commission for Aid Impact publishes its review of DFID’s private sector investment in poor and fragile countries. For Oxfam comment or more information, please contact Meg Pruce: +44 7824 824359 /

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