World’s 22 richest men have more wealth than all the women in Africa

Customers go ethical as Oxfam high street shops’ Christmas sales ring up an eight-year high

US-Iran conflict restricting aid work in Iraq – Oxfam

Average Brit will emit more by 12 January than residents of seven African countries do in a year

Water, food and shelter first priorities in communities devastated by Typhoon Phanfone – Oxfam

UK arms licences to Saudi-led coalition up by almost half despite Arms Trade Treaty

1.7m sequined items are BINNED after the Christmas party season but won’t ever biodegrade

Global Refugee Forum crucial moment to deliver on commitments

World screams out for action but climate summit responds with a whisper – Oxfam reaction

One year since Stockholm Agreement, Hudaydah still most dangerous place in Yemen for civilians

REACTION: Myanmar Government testifies at ICJ in genocide case

People seeking protection in Greece denied a fair asylum process – Oxfam and Greek Council for Refugees

A person forced from home every two seconds by climate fuelled disasters – Oxfam  

Oxfam reaction to the European Court of Justice ruling in favour of labelling products originating from illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Tidal surge risk as Cyclone Bulbul nears India and Bangladesh – Oxfam prepares to respond

More than 52 million people across Africa going hungry as weather extremes hit the continent.

Reaction to US withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

Oxfam thanks public for continued support during a challenging year

Reaction to Yemen death toll reaching 100,000 people

South Sudan floods: 800,000 people desperately need food, water and shelter

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