Greece’s new asylum system designed to deport, not protect, warn the Greek Council for Refugees and Oxfam

REACTION: UN Security Council adopts global ceasefire resolution

REACTIVE: West Bank annexation

REACTION: $5.5bn pledged for Syria at Brussels Conference

Syria Crisis: Hunger spreading amid Covid-19 and economic collapse

REACTION: DFID estimates 1m cases of coronavirus in Yemen

REACTION: Record number of refugees and forcibly displaced people

REACTIVE: Merger of Department for International Development (DfID) with the Foreign Office

Shoppers and donations welcome, as Oxfam shops start to reopen

REACTION: Launch of new coronavirus vaccine financing tool at Gavi pledging conference

Oxfam consults staff on reorganisation

REACTIVE: Gavi pledging conference

REACTION: UK pledges aid for Yemen at conference

Oxfam to start reopening high street shops from 15th June

Remittances to Yemen plummet as needs surge amid war and coronavirus

REACTION: World Health Organisation call for governments to back voluntary scheme to share coronavirus trial data and patents

REACTION: COP26 postponement should not delay urgent action on climate change

New swarms of locusts threaten to increase hunger in East Africa reeling from floods and coronavirus

Oxfam responds to devastation in the wake of Cyclone Amphan

REACTION: US scapegoating overshadows call for People’s Vaccine at World Health Assembly

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