Fears for spread of coronavirus in refugee camps as up to 250 people share one tap – Oxfam

REACTIVE: COP26 climate summit postponed

$160bn needed to prevent millions of Coronavirus deaths in poor countries

Oxfam response to G20 meeting to combat Coronavirus

Oxfam to furlough staff in response to Covid-19

50 suspected cholera cases every hour for five years in Yemen

Oxfam to suspend all sales and collection of second hand goods from tonight

Oxfam to close high street shops until danger from the Covid-19 has passed

Statement on cancellation of Glastonbury Festival

Reaction to UK Budget statement

Tens of thousands of people are still suffering one year on from Cyclone Idai – Oxfam

Rainy season threatens huge cholera spike in Yemen as conflict hampers efforts to address forgotten crisis

Global Britain should stand up for its values or face decline on world stage

Oxfam reaction to situation at the Greek border with Turkey

REACTION: The scale of hunger in South Sudan is still immense, says Oxfam

Two Oxfam workers killed in attack in Syria

REACTION: The EU lets tax havens off the hook again

Reaction to RBS announcement on energy companies

Reaction to BP’s net zero emissions pledge

REACTION: Government’s investigation into the granting of arms export licences in breach of the Court of Appeal ruling

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