Reaction: Closure to COP24

Reaction: After five years of conflict, South Sudan needs a peace that will hold

Reaction: Yemen warring parties agree deal in Sweden

Ebola cases in DRC reach 500, as country faces threat of more violence ahead of elections

Reaction: 20 million Yemenis reliant on food aid

Reaction to latest UK aid statistics

Reaction: More than 200 civilians likely to have died in Yemen in 30 days since US called for cessation of hostilities

Oxfam reaction to announcement of halt to hostilities in Hudaydah, Yemen

Ebola cases in Eastern Congo reach 300 as mistrust and insecurity hamper response

Reaction: Deeply concerning that Rohingya refugees to be sent back to face same persecution they fled

Oxfam: hundreds of thousands of Congolese forced to flee Angola in need of aid

One civilian killed every three hours in Yemen fighting

Oxfam’s “first duty” is to protect the people it serves

Oxfam reaction to Aldi’s human rights policy

Statement on a global register for suspected sex offenders

Aldi out of step with its ethical customers

REACTION: IPCC special report keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius

Oxfam expands response to deadly Indonesia earthquake and tsunami

Oxfam makes plans to help 100,000 people after Indonesia earthquake and tsunami

Oxfam assesses damage after massive earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

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