REACTION: Environmental Audit Committee’s fast fashion report ‘a wake-up call’

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Workers at Oxfam's recycling plant, Wastesaver, sort through 12,000 tonnes of clothing a year.

Reacting to the Environmental Audit Committee’s Sustainability of the Fashion Industry interim report, Oxfam’s trading director, Andrew Horton, said:

“This report should be a wake-up call for retailers. It’s time for fashion brands to take action to reduce the harm done by the clothes they sell. We need better quality, longer lasting garments, we need workers to be treated fairly, and we need clothing that not only looks good, but does good.

The glut of fast fashion is threatening Oxfam’s ability to resell, reuse or recycle everything the public donates through our shops. We already work closely with brands like Burberry, ASOS and M&S to reduce harmful environmental and social impacts. Today we urge the brands criticised in this report to do much more. We are here to help if they are genuinely committed to change.”

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