Govan Loves Syria

Oxfam’s Love Syria campaign took to the streets of Govan – and people across Glasgow will be able to tune in to find out more.

Oxfam Scotland’s Lindsay Clydesdale spent five weeks in Jordan and Lebanon in July and August, working on Oxfam’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

She recently went to Oxfam partners Sunny Govan Community Radio to talk about the plight of the 2 million refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria and about how Oxfam is providing practical help.

Lindsay said: “Many of the refugees are traumatised by what has happened to them and their country. Most endured long periods of fear and bombardment before taking the decision to leave.

“These are people who had lives just like ours: homes, jobs, schools, hospitals – all gone. Of course they want to return home but such an idea is impossible while the conflict continues.

“They need all the help we can give, so they can stay safe, alive, healthy and able to live with dignity and without fear.”


Lindsay was interviewed for Sunny Govan by volunteer Luisa Palmegiani.

Luisa said: “Although there’s been recent media attention due to the threat of military action on Syria, there’s been little attention paid to the severity of the humanitarian crisis.

“I really enjoyed interviewing Lindsay. She gave us first-hand experience from the refugee camps and gave us lots of information on ways that people in Govan and Glasgow can get involved to help.”

You can hear the interview with Lindsay on Sunny Govan Community Radio at 6pm on Wednesday 9 October, and repeated at 6pm on Sunday 13 October. You can tune into Sunny Govan on 103.5FM or via their website