Oxfam welcomes Fairer Scotland Action Plan but more action is needed on extreme economic inequality

Oxfam welcomes Scottish Government’s Fairer Scotland Action Plan but says more action is needed to tackle extreme economic inequality  

Reacting to the publication today of the Fairer Scotland Action Plan by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities Angela Constance, Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said: 

“Right now Scotland is a deeply unequal country with huge wealth existing alongside poverty and hunger. There is therefore much in this plan we welcome but it urgently needs to move from paper to practice in order to reduce poverty.

 “Oxfam has previously called for a socio-economic duty on public bodies, a Poverty and Inequality Commission, and action to ensure the voices of people in poverty are heard within policymaking. Positively, these are all included in the 50 fairness actions.

“However there is little reference to the gap between the rich and poor. Globally, and here in Scotland, we do not believe we can end poverty without tackling extreme economic inequality.

 “The Scottish Government’s planned Poverty and Inequality Commission must therefore play a crucial role in ensuring a greater focus on narrowing economic inequality in order to reduce poverty. It must be allowed to move beyond statements of concern to recommending and securing specific changes in policy.”