Reaction to emergency legislation on Scottish Limited Partnerships

From the Head of Oxfam Scotland

Reacting to the UK Government’s announcement that emergency legislation has been imposed to bring Scottish Limited Partnerships (SLPs) into line with new European anti-money laundering legislation, Head of Oxfam Scotland, Jamie Livingstone said:

“Oxfam was concerned last year by allegations that SLPs were being abused by tax dodgers – because we know that tax avoidance harms the poorest in society and holds back efforts to end poverty.

“All political parties in Scotland agreed with Oxfam supporters  that Scotland shouldn’t be helping tax dodgers. We hope this welcome step will help to ensure that SLPs become more transparent.

“This outcome wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative campaigning efforts of The Herald, politicians from different parties, and the voices of Oxfam supporters.”

In late 2016, in the wake of allegations that SLPs were being abused by tax dodgers, all five political parties in the Scottish Parliament supported Oxfam Scotland’s campaign to say they would work together to ensure Scotland was not helping tax dodgers. Read the full statements from all five parties here.