Reaction from Oxfam Scotland to COP26 Glasgow Announcement

Commenting on the announcement that Glasgow will host COP26, Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said:

“The decision to bring these critical talks to Glasgow creates a huge opportunity for Scotland to play a leading role in driving forward global climate action. It’s an opportunity the people of Scotland will relish. Next year’s COP will be one of the most significant and crucial international summits on climate action.

“Scotland has a powerful story to tell. Having helped create the climate emergency through our past and present emissions, we have a strong commitment to help tackle it – this must now continue and strengthen.

“Right now, people in the world’s poorest countries are on the front line of climate-charged emergencies, and the need for urgent and radical action couldn’t be clearer. The Glasgow COP is an opportunity to show how seriously we are taking this emergency. In doing so, this COP can leave a lasting legacy, not just for Scotland, but for global climate action.”


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COP announcement: