Your voice, your say: Let’s Talk Inequality

By Eloise McNeaney, Oxfam Scotland Trainee

The gap between the richest and the rest, especially those living in poverty, is out of control.

While those at the top are able to live longer, happier and healthier lives, and use their wealth to see that their children do the same, those living in poverty miss out on basic needs and opportunities. Around the world and in Scotland this gap is growing, and to tackle poverty, we need to talk about inequality.

Oxfam Scotland works to end poverty and fight inequality at home and abroad. We want to reach out to communities across Scotland and hear directly from people who are experiencing inequalities in Scotland today to amplify their voices and making sure decision-makers hear them.

We have decided to take a collaborative approach and are working with local partners to host nine forums on inequality entitled: “Your voice, your say: Let’s Talk Inequality” where we will be asking:

  • What does inequality mean to you?
  • How do you feel an unequal society affects you, your community and Scotland?
  • Most importantly, what can we do to tackle inequality locally and nationally?

Whether someone has previous experience in discussing inequality or they have never spoken out on issues like these before, each forum will be an inclusive session open to all.

These inequality forums are part of a bigger project to explore how we can reduce inequality in Scotland, and the valuable views and insights gathered will influence Oxfam’s campaigning priorities ahead of the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.

Dates and partners:

Tuesday 18th February with the STAR Project Paisley

Tuesday 25th February with the Dundee fighting for Fairness Commission

Thursday 27th February with the Fife Centre for Equalities

Monday 2nd March with Your Voice – Inverclyde Community Care Forum

Friday 6th March with Inverness Foodstuff

Thursday 12th March with Cumbernauld Poverty Action

TBC: Edinburgh and Dumfries & Galloway

Please contact Eloise McNeaney ( or Rhiannon Sims ( for more information, or join in the conversation online, using hashtag: #LetsTalkInequality.