Reaction to Programme for Government

Reacting to the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said:

“Paid and unpaid care work is essential for a healthy society and a functioning economy. Yet those who provide care, the vast majority of whom are women, are too often trapped in poverty.

“The announcement of an independent review of adult social care and promises to build a service fit for the future are positive, but we don’t need a review to show that significant new investment is needed in this sector to ensure that care workers are protected from poverty.

“Unpaid carers have also, rightly, been crying out for their contribution to be better valued, yet there were no new measures announced today to help protect them from poverty.

“While the roll out of the Scottish Child Payment is hugely welcome it won’t start until February and the lack of any interim support won’t help low income families struggling to cope now.

“We must do more to make care count in Scotland and ensure all those with caring responsibilities are not trapped in poverty.”