Oxfam Scotland response to Shell withdrawing from Cambo

Image of Jamie Livingstone

Responding to the announcement that Shell will not invest in the Cambo oilfield project off the coast of Shetland, the Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said:

“Shell has finally realised the economic case for drilling new oil at Cambo when the world is already burning simply does not stack up.

“This is a positive step but not the end of the road and it is now incumbent on the Oil & Gas Authority and the UK Government to do the right thing and veto production at Cambo and other oilfields in the UK. The COP26 summit saw some welcome signals that the world must phase out oil and gas production, but giving Cambo the green light would send entirely the opposite message.

“The last thing the world needs in a climate crisis is drilling for more oil. This must be a step towards the end of this and every other new oilfield.”


Notes to editors:

The Oil & Gas Authority is the UK regulator for the sector and is expected to determine whether Cambo will be approved for drilling later this month.