Rare antique instrument goes up for auction at Glasgow charity shop

Cimbalom in Oxfam Music Shop

Music fans in Glasgow and across the country are being given the chance to bid on a rare antique Cimbalom at Oxfam’s Music Shop on Byres Road. 

The Hungarian Cimbalom, which was made in 1904 by master craftsman Mogyoróssy Gyula, was donated to the shop by a member of the public. 

The instrument is a hammer dulcimer, meaning it is played by striking the strings with small hammers. Included with the instrument are one of the original hammers and two newer ones as well as a tuning key.  

The strings are arranged in ‘courses’ of multiple strings of the same pitch to produce a louder sound. There are some strings missing but there is at least one string of each course so all notes can be sounded. 

Andrew McWhinnie, Oxfam Music Shop Manager, said: “People across Glasgow have always been very generous with their donations, but this Cimbalom is a real, rare treasure. Of course it’s an antique instrument rather than something that’s in concert condition, but given there are very few of them available to buy across the country we’re hoping its sale could raise hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds to help further Oxfam’s lifesaving work around the world.” 

Bidding on the Cimbalom is now open and the auction closes on Tuesday 25 January at midday. 

Bids can be placed in person or by phoning the shop on 0141 334 7669. 


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