First Minister’s climate credibility is on a knife edge: he must act to make polluters pay

Chimneys belching smoke. Text reads the First Minister must act now to make polluters pay

Responding to the First Minister’s speech at Climate Week in New York, Lewis Ryder-Jones, Oxfam Scotland’s Policy Adviser, said: “The Scottish Government should be commended for the pioneering role it has played in setting aside dedicated climate justice funding to support low-income countries, in particular to address the losses and damage they’ve faced. More countries must follow Scotland’s lead by stepping up to the plate and delivering on climate finance. 

“However, the Scottish Government’s recurrent failure to both meet its own emission reduction targets and to unequivocally oppose new oil and gas, risks making the First Minister’s international climate efforts akin to repeatedly throwing a brick through someone’s window while offering to pay for the damage. 

“The Scottish Government needs to urgently scale up its domestic climate action; but that action will be costly. Who foots the bill is a test of political courage and will. The First Minister must demonstrate the same leadership he’s shown on climate finance by maximising the use of devolved tax powers while also pressing the UK Government to use all of the levers at its disposal to fairly tax the biggest and richest polluters who’ve done the most to cause the climate emergency. Their time is up, and their payment is long overdue.” 


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