Ministers can’t press snooze on common sense, fair tax reforms

Alarm clock with post it note reading Time to Tax. Banner saying we can't press snooze on common sense tax reforms to build a fairer greener Scotland

The Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Public Administration Committee has accused the Scottish Government of giving the impression that it’s ‘procrastinating on important decision-making that would help the sustainability of Scotland’s public finances’ in its scrutiny report of the Scottish Budget 2024-25.

Responding to the report, Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said: “Scotland faces significant social challenges: a stubbornly high poverty rate, yawning inequality, under investment in care, and a string of missed climate targets. Tackling these challenges will require substantial investment, both now and in the future. We simply can’t afford for Ministers to continue pressing snooze on the common sense, fair tax reforms we need to see: instead, they must wake up and build cross-party consensus behind the bold changes we need to see in order to build the fairer, greener, more equal Scotland we all want to live in.” 

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