Each Trailwalker team pledges to raise £1,400 for Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust as part of their challenge. Broken down between all four walking team members, this works out at just £350 per person. On average most teams raise in excess of £1,700, so we hope that with our help, you can smash your sponsorship this year!

We have a number of fundraising resources to help you reach and exceed your fundraising total plus some incentives to thank you for your hard work raising funds. We also have some incredible examples of how Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust are using vital donations to do life-changing work around the world - share these stories with your friends and family and inspire them to donate.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust

We look after the bravest of the brave.


We’re the world’s emergency plumbers.

Fundraising incentives

Pledge What you get What your money can do
£1,400 Pre-event prep session, free camping the night before the event and event meals. Provide live-saving hygiene kits to protect 241 parents and children in Niger from waterborne disease. Kits include water purification tablets, safe water storage, cups and soap.
£1,650 All the above and official wicking Trailwalker T-shirts for four team members. Provide a toilet block for a new school in the hills of Nepal.
£2,000 All the above, a commemorative photo at the finish, and additional T-shirts for two support crew members. Show staff and students at a Bangladesh school how to respond to disaster – making sure they stay safe should the worst happen.
£3,000 All of the above and a hamper at the finish line. Show staff and students at a Bangladesh school how to respond to a disaster – making sure they stay safe should the worst happen.
£5,000 All the above and a behind-the scenes tour of Oxfam Emergency HQ. Give five vulnerable Gurkha veterans or widows a year-long welfare pension, enabling them to buy basic food and everyday essentials.
£10,000 All of the above, free entry to Trailwalker 2019 for your team or a team you nominate and a bespoke fundraising award from Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust. Provide life-saving medical equipment used by staff in some of the most remote villages in Nepal, such as four portable oxygen concentrators.

Fundraising ideas


A quick and easy way of getting £100 or so towards your total. Are there any sports tournaments on? TV shows? If you search online, you’ll usually find downloadable sweepstake kits. If in doubt we have our downloadable treasure map.

Sell stuff

Have a spring clean. Sell your unwanted items online, at a car boot or a local sale. If you’ve got something of good value or can offer services e.g. gardening, hold an auction.

Curry night

People love food. Cakes, curries, breakfast sarnies. There’s so much you can do. A bake sale at work, a dinner party with friends, cheese and wine night, BBQs at your local. Just ask for donations on the night.


Oxfam resources

The Gurkha Welfare Trust resources