Pay your Zakat to Oxfam

Pay your Zakatto Oxfam

We can help you fulfil your Zakat obligations, changing lives now and forever.

Pay your Zakat

Oxfam exists to tackle the injustice of poverty, helping people to help themselves. We respond when natural disasters or conflicts strike, saving lives and helping those in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. And we support individuals and communities to build lasting change and give hope for the future. We work with the poorest and most vulnerable people and in some of the most fragile countries in the world, often in sub-Saharan Africa, The Middle East and South Asia.

Reach people in need

100% of Zakat payments will be spent in country delivering vital development projects or emergency responses.

Oxfam's Zakat policy 

Dedicated bank account

Zakat funds will be held in a dedicated interest free bank account prior to them being sent to the designated countries.


Secure administration

UK administrative costs will not be claimed on any Zakat payment and Oxfam will not profit from interest on Zakat payments.

Administration of payments 

Oxfam's Zakat policy and implementation will be regularly reviewed by our panel of Islamic advisors.

Rizini and her children must often go to the hospital because they are infected with parasites.

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Saving lives with water: Thani Bin Abdullah Bin Thani Al-Thani Humanitarian Fund supports Oxfam's longest ever pipeline in DRC.
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Projects that need your support



People in Bangladesh's low-lying coastal areas are hit the hardest by flooding. With your support, we can ensure communities have access to clean water and toilets even when it floods.



With your support, we will help poor communities hold the local authorities and service providers of water and sanitation to account.



Six years of brutal fighting has devastated Syria. 11 million people have fled their homes and millions more are desperately in need of help. You can support Oxfam's ongoing humanitarian response.

Bangladesh (Humanitarian)

Bangladesh (Humanitarian)

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people have crossed over to Bangladesh. Water supply, water purification, and storage facilities are needed immediately.

Iraq (Humanitarian response)

Iraq (Humanitarian)

Over 700,000 people have had to leave their homes in Mosul. Oxfam is helping families who are in desperate need of food, shelter, medicine and water.



Oxfam is providing more than one million people with clean water and sanitation services, including in the most remote areas of the country.