One last push for Syria peace talks – you can help?

The UN General Assembly in New York last week was dominated by talk of weapons, ending on Friday with the Security Council unanimously agreeing a resolution on chemical weapons in Syria.

In addition, they set a target date for peace talks for mid-November and endorsed a road map for a political transition. Despite this the fighting continues, killing an average of 5000 people a month and causing millions to flee their homes.

As  Liqaa‘, the Syrian refugee who joined with Oxfam and partners to launch a petition for peace talks, said: “Our children are crying for peace,  but I don’t want mine to have to cry for it. We’ve shed enough tears and blood already. What we need is an end to the suffering. That is my dream.”

In Wales this summer an amazing 2 700 plus people signed our petition calling on Foreign Secretary William Hague to push for peace talks and we’re asking you to help us with one last push on this. Please sign our petition and ask your friends to do the same.

The UK government has to keep the pressure up for these peace talks, the price of further delays to diplomatic progress is too heavy to contemplate.