Last week I made my may to the Oxfam warehouse in Bicester to see 17 tonnes
of humanitarian aid make its way in two trucks to Cebu in the Philippines as part of the Disaster Emergency Committee Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

Stepping into the warehouse was an emotional experience with all the aid
wrapped and packed tightly in cellophane ready for purpose, to be used and
aid life. Everything was organised and once the loading began it wasn’t
long before the two large trucks were full. Understanding more about what the
equipment does was important to me; to imagine that the hundreds of
thousands of buckets all packed in neat little turrets have been designed
with such care.  This equipment is already in the hands of women, men and children in the Philippines. These people who have lost everything.
Oxfam buckets are quite ingenious; did you know how much thought goes into
their design? I didn’t until a passionate humanitarian speaker showed a
room full of new recruits how special this equipment is. The top of these buckets close tightly so that water is kept clean, they are easy to clean inside, no rivets, no gaps for any nastiness to flourish. The buckets have a curved bottom which makes them more comfortable to carry on top of your head. Thousands of women, men and children carry these buckets from water pumps to their communities, often walking for miles.

Great thought is given to every piece of equipment. Water taps need to be designed so that not a single drop of water is wasted, water tanks also need to be easy to build and maintain. Many hours of thought has created a warehouse full of effective and life saving equipment which offer solace in the midst of great devastation.

Wonderful and inspiring individuals keep pushing the boundaries of design
but most of all, the needs of those most in need is their priority.
Knowing that the Filipino’s will have something of ours to hold and to use
 is of great comfort to me and is a thank you to you for your support to
this appeal.