A country that cares for people and planet: the choice Wales must make

Oxfam Cymru’s vision is of a world without poverty, one served by a wellbeing economy in which everyone’s basic needs are met within safe environmental limits.

The COVID-19 pandemic is making this harder to achieve but it remains possible, if we act together. That’s why today Oxfam Cymru is publishing a new paper: A Wales That Cares for People and Planet.

Our paper reflects the global context of turmoil and rapid change faced by the Senedd, both now and beyond the coming election in May.

It calls upon the Senedd to prioritise five key thematic areas in order to build a caring, climate just and globally responsible Wales underpinned by a wellbeing economy and food system fit for future generations.

Find out more about our policy recommendations for the Senedd here: https://bit.ly/3nmyGLe

Our policy calls are based on evidence and experiences gathered through our work in Wales, the expertise of our partners and Oxfam’s work globally.

Progress in each thematic area is integral to the creation, for current and future generations, of a wellbeing economy. We must simultaneously care for people – in Wales and around the world – while also caring for our shared planet.

Even before Covid-19, almost a quarter of people in Wales faced the injustice of poverty, living precarious and insecure lives. The pandemic has simply made an already grave situation worse; with the country’s lowest earners are ten times more likely to have been affected by the Covid-19 shutdown than those on the highest salaries.

And beyond our borders, the pandemic is proving to be the final straw for millions of people already struggling with the impacts of conflict, climate change, inequality and a broken food system that has impoverished millions of food producers and workers.

The world is being challenged to find answers and Wales must play its part; the enormous challenges we face require collaborative action that transcends party politics.

Covid-19 has given us all an opportunity to reflect on what is important. Our new paper presents our vision that Wales can be a home to thriving people, in a thriving country whilst respecting the wellbeing of all people and the health of the whole planet.

It also calls upon the current and next Welsh Government to act boldly to create a Wales that values, respects and cares for both people and the planet. We cannot fail.